Thank you dear soul for visiting this page! My intention for this space is to inspire, empower and connect.

What do I do? I am passionate to share learned life skills, yogic inspired philosophy
and spiritual wisdom to help children and adults awaken to their inner beauty and shine their true essence.

How do I do this?  I do this through supporting others to excavate and explore who they truly are through yoga classes,
workshops and retreats, angel card readings, intuitive spiritual coaching, and Reiki Healing Treatments.

Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching

Unique guidance to help individuals to navigate through life experiences by learning how to embrace and love who they are.

Angel Card Readings

Connect with the Angels and your Spirit Guides to receive loving, highest vibrational guidance to support your learning and growth in your physical life.

Yoga Classes

Our classes focus on the traditional Hatha yoga postures to develop strength, flexibility, body and mind awareness. Private and Group classes are available.

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing system that offers universal life force energy to enhance well being, relaxation, and awareness to the recipient

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