What I can offer you as a life coach? My intuitive guidance with authentic, loving support. – Angela



A Life Coach is a trained & educated in emotional intelligence & human behaviour that will help and empower others to set, meet, and achieve personal and professional goals.

A Life Coach will provide subjective support to empower clients to learn tools to work through life’s challenges to successfully meet goals.



To master anything in life, we need a teacher, a coach, a guide.  From 4 years old, we attend school to learn academics.  Parents sign up children for hockey or dance.  To master dance, you need a teacher.  To master hockey, a coach is needed to instruct and guide the students.  We take yoga classes instructed by a certified teacher.  You want to learn how to make pottery, you need a teacher to help and support you.  Your car needs fixing, you go to a mechanic whom you trust and know is trained in mechanics.  For successful learning of skills, we need support and guidance.  Personal growth, resilience, and actualization, is no different.

To empower yourself to live life to your fullest potential, you need a teacher/coach to subjectively guide you to the proven tools that will support you in achieving your goals.  Goals decided by you.

You decide what you most desire in your life.

If you feel stuck or need clarity in certain aspects of your life, a coach can help you to gain the perspective and wisdom to empower yourself and enhance your life to feel more fulfilled.

Not every coach is for everyone.  Seek the right coach that fits you and your needs.



I provide youth and adults tools that assist with a more positive self-image, build self-esteem and confidence from within instead of searching for external validation.

My intention is to assist my client’s to practice mindfulness and emotional intelligence in order to empower their “self” and shine their own unique light.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, meaning that I am trained and educated in human behaviour and emotional intelligence, but I also utilize spiritual principles and the connection to Divine Life Source in my services.  I will provide you with the support and guidance to tap into your own personal power while learning how to trust in the belief that you are a magnificent child of God/the Universe/Source/Light (whatever you choose to call the Divine).  With this awakening, you will feel a shift in your presence, perspective, and life.  It is a magical transformation. How do I know this?  I have been through it.



At the end of your program, you will feel empowered to reach your goals along with a deeper understanding of:

  • How to be more mindful and respectful of your own “self” and the “self” of others
  • Mindful awareness of how YOU feel thus choosing actions/behaviours that are more positive than self-destructive.
  • You are much more than “just” your physical limitations. You are the co-creator of your life and the truth lies within your perspective, your thoughts, your words, your actions. Your life is not up to someone else’s choice. It is your choice.



Love Yourself Fully and Completely Coaching Program

12 guided principles to encourage you to open up to your light and own your authentic essence.


$1152.00 full 12 session program.  (Minimum 3 sessions $288.00)

Mentoring Program

Once a month sessions to help support and maintain the lessons learned and growth in your life.


$55.00 per session