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Angela Catenaro

I am a mom of two wonderful boys, certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Goodwill Ambassador of Cosmikids™ Canada, as well as a certified Resonant Learning Approach™ trainer.  My career has focused in business administration within the rehabilitation industry for over 25 years offering support to health care professionals.  I am currently administrator with Complex Injury Rehab Inc. as well as offering their specialized yoga therapy programs to children and adults.

Along with a Certificate in Human Behaviour, I had continued my education through the University of Waterloo centring on developmental social sciences.  In 1997, I received my Caregiving Minister Certificate from Our Lady of the Airways Parish in Mississauga, sparking a wondrous journey of healing.  At this time, I began to practice Yoga and throughout the years practiced various styles.  During this journey of healing, I was inspired to obtain the Registered Yoga Teacher Training-200 certification through Blue Door Yoga Room graduating in May 2011 and received the Reiki attunement (Karen Fiorucci) in 2012.  As CosmiKids™ Goodwill Ambassador, I received certification in the specialized Resonant Learning Approach™ (RLA) educational methodology in 2015 and am a founding member of the New Thought Educational Consortium, which consists of an international group of individuals that are collectively focusing on the empowerment of children through education.  I am honoured to be a contributing writer for &

I feel like I am a freedom explorer and spiritual anthropologist as I have a passion for seeking and growing in spiritual truths while helping others to uncover and honour their unique light.  I have a natural empathic ability to understand spiritual truths and how these truths reflect in physical life.  By self-reflection and mindfulness, I have strengthened my own sense of self-love and compassion, thus being able to offer this support to others.

It is my soul’s desire to share my talent of communication, spiritual intuitiveness, and wisdom to help children and adults to awaken to their inner beauty and shine their true essence.